Rent your E-Bike with us

If you want to explore the Lunigiana on your own, rent an e-bike, a convenient pedal assisted bike from the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines National Park. The e-bikes are normal road or mtb bikes, all equipped with gears and engine assistance that will make it possible, even for the less trained, to follow interesting routes in Lunigiana and in the Park.

It is possible to book the delivery of the bicycles at the Pippola B&B , with a minimum rental of a full day (this means that the "home delivery" service is not provided for half-day rentals).

What you can rent: E-bikes (pedal-assisted bikes), seats (children 0-4 years ), camellini (children 4-7 years), 24 ″ bike (7-12 years). In addition, accessories such as padlocks - helmets - side bags are provided. For how long: full day (4+ hours) - several days up to a maximum of 3.

How: booking (depending on bike availability) with minimum advance of 24h ( for example by 10 am to leave at 10 am the following day)


Cycling in the Middle Ages

Length of the route: 20/35 Km Difficulty: medium-easy

This medieval bike tour offers the true essence of Lunigiana in a few kilometers, among villages, woods, streams, churches, castles, through the Val di Magra and the Natural and Cultural Park of the Valle del Bagnone.

The tour, with assisted pedaling bikes, is really suitable for everyone and is particularly recommended for families and for those who want to pedal after a period of inactivity.

Start cycling from the Pieve di Sorano Learning Center - Filattiera, Gate of the National Park for Churches and Historic Streets. Proceed along the Via Francigena, in front of the Pieve di S. Stefano di Sorano, the heart of Lunigiana since the time of the Stele Statues.

First stop Castello di Malgrate, and then continue to discover the characteristic medieval villages of the Valle del Bagnone and Taverone to feet of the National Park of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines and Reserve Mab Unesco.

Break for lunch-tasting typical products

Cycle & Enjoy the 5Terre

Length of the route: 35 Km. Duration: full day Difficulty: medium.Not suitable for children under the age of 12.

The 5Terre bike tour, to enjoy breathtaking views far from the mass circuits and enjoy wine and local products.

The National Park and the villages of the Cinque Terre, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, seen from an unusual vantage point, that of the cyclist!

You ride through the famous terraces and the famous vineyards overlooking the sea, on the border between the cultivated space and the beginning of the wood. Here you can breathe the true essence of this place and its inhabitants, at the same time fishermen, farmers and woodsmen; here it is possible to see oneself in the wonder of the Ligurian Sea and its rocky coasts (visible for almost the entire route), to understand the complexity of this human landscape and the importance of preserving these places.

The 5Terre bike tour starts from the center of La Spezia, cycling with the fantastic pedal-assisted bikes, go up towards Biassa, crossing thick chestnut woods right up to the Telegrafo hill, where the sea air arrives with force and the Mediterranean scrub begins to predominate. From here we continue on a path through breathtaking landscapes to Volastra, a beautiful village surrounded by the famous terraced vineyards. Next stop is Manarola, where an aperitif with local wine tasting is provided. Later free time to visit the village, have lunch and relax. In the afternoon return to La Spezia riding along the scenic road with splendid views of the villages and the sea.

Cycling through villages and woods

Duration: full day. Length 30 Km. Difficulty: Medium

Minimum altitude 150 m asl / Maximum altitude 600 m asl. a good confidence with the bicycle is required, a good state of health and the habit of light physical activity.

Foot and enjoy between villages and woods: Nature and History coexist in this full-day tour among rural villages, ancient bridges and Woods of chestnut trees, a discovery for every ride! A tour through the rural and truer essence of Lunigiana, between villages and woods, places that were the beating heart of this valley and that tell stories and legends.

You start cycling from Filattiera, along the Via Francigena, in front of the Pieve of Santo Stefano di Sorano, the heart of Lunigiana since the time of the Stele Statues. From here to the village of Malgrate and its Castle to discover the Apennine villages above Bagnone up to the centenary Castagneto of Iera, symbol of Chestnut cultivation, the bread tree. A splendid tasting stop in Treschietto at the Visitor Center of the "La Stele" National Park. In the afternoon, ride through Bagnone and Filetto to return to Filattiera.

On the way: Francigena 4Kids.

Duration: a morning. Length: about 4/6 km depending on the route. Difficulty: medium-low. Suitable for children 6+ years

The Via Francigena for families on a half-day excursion along one of the most fascinating stretches of the Via Francigena Toscana.

The Lunigiana and its valleys are one of the fundamental junctions of the Via Francigena, which enters Tuscany through the Passo della Cisa to reach, as in the ancient routes, the rest stations of Pontremoli and Aulla, and then continue towards the sea.

The Via Francigena represented the backbone of European roads during the Middle Ages, even before the beginning of the year thousand starting from the famous itinerary of Sigeric, archbishop of Canterbury, returning from Rome to England.

Today this road of history and spirituality is traveled on foot towards the Holy places by thousands of pilgrims and travelers, and has become one of the most important historical itineraries of our country and of Europe itself.

Walking on mule tracks and bridges that have lived a thousand years i of history, we will discover the life of medieval pilgrims and we will go hunting for the symbols and secrets of the Way following the stories and clues of Sigerico's diary.

This short itinerary on foot allows us to savor the excitement of the journey on this ancient road, between beautiful woods, stone villages and bridges, suggestive mountain streams, vineyards and olive groves. All this "for children", through a path designed specifically for families and children, to bring them closer to life in the open air and teach them the taste of walking and discovery ...

Excursion: Park of the Apuan Alps

A beautiful daily excursion that requires a minimum physical preparation, however suitable for everyone, even for families with children over ten years used to walking.

Starting already at high altitude, above the marble basin of Torano, we will climb Mount Sagro (1,753 m), located behind Carrara. An excursion lasting 6.5-7h, including breaks, a 6 km course with an altitude difference of about 600 meters, difficulty E (Hike), which should not be underestimated because of the heat that makes it still tiring. We will thus discover the Apuan Alps along paths that will allow us to come into contact with nature, history and traditions of these territories.

For those who wish, the route can be lengthened by preceding the ascent to Monte Sagro with the ascent to Monte Borla, which allows a beautiful walk before starting the climb to the most important peak, bringing the length of the path to 10 km and increasing the difference in altitude to about 800 meters.

The guide who will accompany you will make you touch the reality of the landscapes of this regional park, interpreting the beauty that your eyes will meet and that reserves endless surprises at every step.

We will reach the summit enjoying a splendid panorama of the interior and its valleys, the coast, islands and of course the Apuan Alps. Here, in addition to enjoying the landscape, we will taste the landscape. picnic prepared for you with typical products purchased by local companies, then a meal at "km 0", according to a turism or sustainable, but above all with unique and local specialties and flavors.

Participating in the experience you will only have to worry about having good trekking shoes and a small backpack with essential things for a day in the open air (layered clothing, hat, glasses sun, sunscreen, windbreaker / raincoat, water)

River Trekking: the Straits of Giaredo

The Straits of Giaredo have often been defined as the most beautiful canyon in Tuscany, but not only.

A natural conformation in an area where no one would ever expect it, between Pontremoli and Zeri, in Lunigiana in the province of Massa- Carrara, crossed by the Gordana stream that over millions of years has created it. Fortunately it is part of a protected area, a SCI (Site of Community Importance) which covers an area of ​​250 hectares in the valley of this stream, the Valley del Gordana, for its extraordinary geological conformation and naturalistic importance.

The excursion to the Straits of Giaredo is a walk in the bed of the Gordana torrent of the "walk and swim" type also called river trekking, therefore also suitable for those who have no experience of rivers and children. Just knowing how to swim!

We will leave the cars in the town of Cavezzana Gordana, where we will wear wetsuits, a life jacket and a helmet and walk along a path in the forest we will reach in 5 minutes the bed of the stream that we will go up again for 20-30 minutes crossing repeatedly its waters, reaching the entrance of the real canyon.

After a first tank, the first one that forces us to totally dive in the water and swim, we will venture into the Straits continuing the exploration of the canyon in walking and swimming in the crystalline waters of the stream, immersed in nature as wild as it is unexpected in the spectacular gorges with multi-colored walls that reach 20 meters high, and then return along the same path admiring the same scenarios from a different point of view that, thanks to the play of light that the sun creates, will seem to us new landscapes.


Excursions on horseback

Horseback excursions, always accompanied by a guide, are aimed at both beginners and experienced people.
The horseback ride in the company of one's friends is a stimulating idea to regain contact with nature, make new experiences, have fun relaxing, breathing clean air and enjoying the smells and colors of the countryside and the mountains.
The simple paths immersed in the greenery, framed by medieval villages and majestic castles, thus allow a gentle approach to those who face the world of tourism for the first time. horse, offering the possibility of discovering a new way to visit the territory.
For the more experienced, instead, we propose half-day to multi-day hikes that allow you to cross gentle hills of chestnut groves up to oak forests to reach higher up the Apennines, where the beech is the master!
  • Beginners (min 2 people) 2 hours in the saddle and stop for lunch or dinner
  • Medium level (min 2 people): 3 hours in the saddle Possible lunch or dinner
  • Medium level (min 4 people): day with packed lunch
  • Night excursion in a tent or refuge

Climbing & Deep Water Soloing

Duration: half day

Difficulty: easy. Not suitable for children under 12 years

Note: For deep water only it is necessary to have the basics of climbing and knowing how to swim. In case you use the canoe, take into account 20/30 minutes of paddle; bring also swimsuit, towel and changing clothes.

Climb Cinque Terre, Golfo dei Poeti and Alpi Apuane or Deep Water Soloing: two experiences not to be missed for those who want to experience the Parks with a bit of adrenaline!

Climbing Cinque Terre-Gulf of Poets : you want to try a new rock climbing experience or improve your skills with the assistance of a mountain guide *? Routes of varying degrees of difficulty all in unique natural environments with spectacular views, from the cliffs of the Apuan Alps to sheer rock faces on the sea of ​​the Cinque Terre and the Gulf of Poets.

Or you can try a different way of climbing without rope on the surface of the water. You reach the cliffs in the stretch of sea between Lerici and Tellaro aboard a rubber dinghy or, for the more daring, in a canoe, and from there you climb directly from the sea until the forces support us and then fall into the water .