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The Pippola B & B continues its great experience in Rapallo, in Tigullio. An experience of hospitality and hospitality that is enriched in the country house. Country house not far from the sea that for every Liguria is an indispensable element of life. Stefano unconditionally loves perfumes, colors, plants, animals, the genuineness of being guests and hosting by offering their own land. Skipper, sea life, wind, and sometimes storm, Stefano finds in the breeze rising from the sea, a few miles away, the scent and the desire to give up the moorings.

This is the guest of the Pippola B&B, a large villa in the middle of the absolute green, overlooking the vineyard and raising your eyes to Sarzana, the ancient Roman Luni, then the sea, the sandy beaches, unique to the Levantine liguria , Which open to those of Versilia, then turn right and meet majestically the promontory of the Montemarcello Natural Park with the river port of Fiumaretta and Bocca di Magra.

There, just behind, the Gulf of Poets opens up: Tellaro, Fiascherino, Lerici, San Terenzo cove and coves that lead you to Spezia to start towards Cadimare, Le Grazie, Portovenere, Palmaria Island, Tino and jump in the wonder Of the wonders, namely the 5 Lands, Levanto, Bonassola, Framura and Deiva Marina.

This is the sea we offer while we are in the greenery and equipped for walking, bicycling, turning for medieval castles, protagonists of millenarian history and a true, still genuine, peasant history.

This is the Pippola B&B

The "bed", the "breakfast", to be together"

We like to make you feel intimately at home ...

The Pippola becomes your home!

The breakfasts served on the large terrace, the kitchen equipped so that you can follow your "cravings" culinary, tranquility, rest or diet;
The living room with the fireplace.

The meadow among the olive trees, with hammocks swirling indolently in the middle of the green with the scent of the sea that goes back to the hill.

Then the three accommodations: the Suite, the Junior Suite and the Romantic

Barbecue and tables under the arches for convivial dinners between friends, even outside.

The garden apartment with the fireplace, the oven, the living room to stay with friends and party
Large private parking.

This is the Pippola. Find out in detail, in photos: you will be enchanted!

ENTER, YOU ARE WELCOME! Discover the house with all the photos

Who we are

Our identity, our philosophy

I'm Stefano, aeronautical pilot, for 40 years in the field of Civil Aviation and International Tourism, I've been shooting the world long and wide, I've met hundreds of hotels, restaurants, strange people, funny,and even less sympathetic. Nevertheless, nothing has given me more satisfaction than going home, in my bed and cooking for my family and friends. Then it just says. I have rediscovered the pleasure of slow living, being in the company, welcoming to meet new people, confronting them with a glass of Luni wine at sunset or giving them a good morning with a breakfast that lusts my fancy and the ' love for the kitchen with a single, great rule:
                               to welcome guests into their own home.
                     to be yourself in the true nature without artifices.
                        because my guests feel serene, calm,
                           free on a vacation that's really such
                              The philosophy that governs Pippola?
                                                THE FREEDOM'

Our food, our wine ...

Life and love ...

In this border of Liguria and Tuscany the art of food and drink is the perfect selection and synchrony of the territories that sour (Liguria) begins to soften in hills that follow large planes (the Tuscan) with hardness peaks that are the White Apuan Alps that historically have given fatigue and frugality to marble workers.

A land of peasants and sailors, a poor land in everyday life in contrast to the great wealth of the powerful who have followed in governing it.

That frugality is what is now being sought in the kitchen and cellars. Discover true and genuine flavors after the bountifulness of the kitchen of economic well-being.

The pictures are not enough, here it is necessary to live our cuisine and our cellars with all the senses because they are the mixed scents of country and sea, the simple symphony of the taste of foods exalted by particular wines and appreciated by the ancient Romans.

In short ... try it, just try it

Enter, you will be enchanted

Holiday as you want:All the events around us

"People do not travel, they are the journeys that make people" John Steinbeck

The term holiday comes from the Latin "vacancy" which literally means "lacking". In turn, vacancy comes from vacans, participatory presence of "vacate" which means "being vacant, mackerel, free, without occupations."
Today we would like to unplug the plug .. but the contemporary vacation is no longer just leisure, relaxing on the beach, on a hammock (everything is planned at Pippola) but it's EXPERIENCE.
Cultural, social, gastronomic, wine, sporting, artistic experience.
The Pippola is the hub for a holiday of the new millennium. An area rich in offers, rich in events and events for an easy holiday to fly according to your imagination.

all the events around us

Where we are: between Luni and 5terre

The beauty of the hill, sea, river and history ...

The Pippola BedBreakfast dominates the valley of the Magra, plain fern, including in the provinces of La Spezia and Massa and Carrara, through which the Magra river flows into the Ligurian Sea, not far from the Gulf of Poets and defining the heart of the ancient Lunigiana region.
It is characterized by a wealth of landscapes, beginning with the coast, with its sandy coastline, and continuing inland through the hills of Luni, on top of which ancient castles and hamlets perched, coming from the confluence with its affluent Vara, To the Val di Vara Valley (The Valley of the Biological) where the Monte Gottero dominates, on which converge the three borders of Liguria, Emilia and Tuscany and then the Tosco-Emiliano Apennines
 In the millennia, the valley has always been a strategic route, a must for access from the Tyrrhenian coast to the Padana plain, from the ancient Via Aemilia Scauri, a great Roman artery connecting Lunigiana to Via Aemilia Lepidi and from the VII century Abbeys of Bobbio and medieval Via Francigena, run by the great pilgrim flows and full of hospitals.
Val di Magra is one of the four partitions in which it is possible to subdivide the Province of La Spezia, along with the Riviera of Spices with the Cinque Terre, the Gulf of Poets and the Val di Vara, as well as being under the protection of the Basin Authority of Magra River and the Regional Natural Park of Montemarcello-Magra and Vara.

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