I am Stefano, aeronautical pilot, for 40 years in the field of civil aviation and international tourism, I have travelled the world far and wide, I have known hundreds of hotels, restaurants, strange people, interesting and even less nice. Nothing ever, however, gave me more satisfaction than coming home, in my bed and cooking for my family and friends.

Then it says enough. I rediscovered the pleasure of living slow, to be in company, to welcome and to meet new people, to confront them with a glass of Luni wine at sunset or give them a good morning with a breakfast that tick my fantasy and love for the CU China with a single, large rule:

The Simplicity

To welcome guests into my own home.
To be oneself in the truest nature.
Because my guests feel serene, quiet,
Free in a holiday that is truly such

The philosophy that governs the Pippola?